Akarmak: A Global Brand

Akarmak: A Global Brand

Founded in 1990, Akarmak celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2020 after intensive efforts to become a global brand in the last 10 years. Today, Akarmak is based in Eskisehir, Turkey with 135 skilled employees creating value and engineering solutions for its customers around the world. Akarmak has successfully managed its R&D activities with new product developments, commercializing its new products in a short period of time, and establishing its global sales network including agents and distributors. The success of Akarmak is quite remarkable given that Akarmak has arrived at the same level and beyond in the last 30 years, compared to its competitors who started their operations in the early 1900’s, 1950s and 1960s.

The main product lines of Akarmak are autoclaves/pressure vessels, medical waste sterilization technologies and tire retreading (renewal) plant machinery. Given the global Covid challenge the world has been facing in the last 12 months, Akarmak has become stronger and increased its revenue in 2020 with a great start for 2021. In 2020, Akarmak exported its good and services to over 20 countries including Italy, Germany, UK, Finland, India, USA, Canada, and to countries in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America and beyond. The total number of countries where our products operate reached approximately 60 countries at the end of 2020.

Akarmak has become one of the top 3-4 well-known brands in the industries and products in which we are active. Our success comes from understanding our customers and their needs, and always aiming to create long-term partnerships and relationships while working hard to achieve our objectives.

Our story started in the spring of 1990 as a small workshop in Eskisehir, Turkey with only a few employees and serving local customers. Our focus going forward is to create a healthy platform for the future for our employees, customers, communities, shareholders and our country, Turkey. Most importantly, we will continue to keep our promises to our customers and deliver the products and services to meet their needs. Together, we look forward to the next 30 years! Thank you!