Pre Autoclave Shredding

The medical waste shredding and autoclaving takes place in the integrated machine, and high degree sterilization is achieved. The following are the standard pre autoclave shredding systems:

  • AKR250L (20-30 kg/cycle) (Clinics and hospitals)
  • AKR500L (50-70 kg/cycle) (Mid and large size hospitals)
  • AKR1000L (100-130 kg/cycle) (Mid and large size hospitals)
  • AKR2500L (250-300 kg/cycle) (Centralized plants)

Medical Waste Sterilization - Quick Facts:

  • Up to 8log10 microbial inactivation sterilization
  • Certified by independent agencies such as Robert Koch Institute & STAATT Level IV
  • Design and manufacturing in 2014/68/EU (PED), ASME SEC VIII Div. 1 (U&S), EAC (GOST) standards
  • Pre and post autoclave shredding technologies
  • Efficient vacuuming and direct steam sterilization
  • Wide capacity range for hospitals and centralized sterilization plants
  • Engineered and designed in robust, durable and safe features
  • Decades of Akarmak autoclave engineering and know-how featuring bayonet door closure systems
  • Up to 80% volume reduction
  • Durable and long lasting in-house manufactured shredder technology
  • User friendly and flexible PLC control systems and ready to use recipes
  • Highest safety standards design, manufacturing and superior durability
  • Turn key solutions including: Pressurizing systems, steam generator/boiler, automatic loading/unloading, spare shredder