Orbitread System (Peeling/Buffing/Extruder Building/Regrooving)

Min. tire size 16,00 R 24 29,5 R 25
Max. tire size 50/65 R 51 59/80 R63
  • CNC controlled OTR (9 axis) peeling, buffing, extruder building and regrooving
  • 18 degree inclined main frame
  • Hydraulic tire chucking
  • Central lifter for tire loading/unloading
  • A single separate dedicated robot system for peeling/buffing/regrooving
  • High capacity regrooving function allowing users to regroove popular tread patterns (standard tread patterns and ability to create different tread patterns)
  • Cold feed pin type extruder building and durable barrel and screw
  • DC motor for extruder speed adjustment
  • Temperature control in four different zones and cooling system
  • Siemens control system and panel
  • Top quality hardware, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo systems

AKR 510REX CNC Buffer (Optional)

  • AKR 510C CNC Buffer (Peeling/Buffing)
  • AKR 510CR CNC Buffer (Peeling/Buffing/Regrooving)
  • AKR 510R CNC Buffer (Regrooving)
  • AKR 510EX CNC Buffer (Extruder Building)

AKR 630REX CNC Buffer (Optional)

  • AKR 630C CNC Buffer (Peeling/Buffing)
  • AKR 630CR CNC Buffer (Peeling/Buffing/Regrooving)
  • AKR 630R CNC Buffer (Regrooving)
  • AKR 630EX CNC Buffer (Extruder Building)