Medical Waste Treatment Technology

Medical Waste Treatment Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic, which started in February last year, has left its mark on the last year and continues to do so. Many new routines have entered our daily life with the effect of the pandemic. In particular, the necessity to use a mask stands out as the most important of these. It is estimated that the number of masks used and discarded during the pandemic period increased 3.5 - 4 times compared to the previous year. Also, with the start of vaccination all over the world, injection needles used for vaccination pose a great danger. This situation brings into light an issue that was a problem in the past as well: The management and disposal of medical waste.

Medical wastes in the world are mostly disposed by incineration. Although this may seem like a good solution, factors such as the environmental impact of emission gases, the reality of very high initial investment costs, and the difficulty and hight cost of routine maintenance have gradually increased the tendency towards alternative solutions.

In this context, autoclave sterilization with steam, which is environmentally friendly, has come to the fore. This method has many advantages over the incineration process and other waste sterilization processes.

As Akarmak, we manufacture autoclaves for steam sterilization of medical wastes with our 30 years of experience. Our autoclaves perform sterilization at 8log10 sterilization level in accordance with international standards. We have environmentally friendly systems with a wide range of products suitable for all types of hospitals and facilities.

We offer our machines in both pre and post shredding types due to reasons such as regulations varying according to the country specific legislations, facility capacities, and compliance with certain projects. Our machines are fully automatic along with our loading-unloading systems and there is minimum contact with medical waste.

With our references in more than 50 countries, we contribute to make the world cleaner and more livable, and we care about nature. Please watch our video to get a greater idea about Akarmak Medical Waste Sterilization Systems.