Medical Waste Sterilization Systems

Pre and Post Autoclave Shredding Systems for Hospital and Centralized Plants

Having decades of engineering and manufacturing experience with autoclave manufacturing, Akarmak also offers Medical Waste Sterilization systems in its modern factories in Eskisehir. Our product range includes both pre and post autoclave shredding technologies for centralized plants and hospitals. Our large product portfolio offers every possibility for our customers in terms of equipment capacity and sterilization methods.

The medical waste sterilization equipment has been engineered and designed using advanced engineering tools. Akarmak treats every project as a special project and offers custom-made solutions for different customer and project requirements.

The Akarmak sterilization products can perform up to 8log10 microbial inactivation sterilization quality, and the level of sterilization is certified by well-known world institutions such as Robert Koch Institute & STAATT Level IV).