Food, Pharmaceutical and Textile

Akarmak offers stainless steel autoclaves for food, pharmaceutical and textile processes. The autoclaves are used for sterilization purposes for food and pharmaceutical as well as for cooking/curing and pasteurizing.

For the textile industry, the Akarmak autoclaves are used to upgrade natural and synthetic fiber’s physical properties such as increasing the fabric’s extension, enhancing its durability and relaxing its strains and improving dyeability. The autoclaves are manufactured with different diameters, lengths and loading capacities.

The autoclaves for food processing are offered as Static, Rotary and Pendular types.

The Akarmak autoclaves can be offered with CE, ASME, EAC (GOST) certifications. Akarmak autoclaves are certified by well-known world certification agencies including TUV, Bureau Veritas, OneCIS, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers.

  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Design and manufacturing in 2014/68/EU (PED), ASME SEC VIII Div. 1 (U&S), EAC (GOST) standards
  • Low maintenance with 24/7 operation
  • Direct steam or hot water spray heating and cooling exchanger water cooling
  • Suitable for plastic, can, bag and glass containers
  • Sensitive heating and cooling control
  • Ready to use recipes for different product and packaging types
  • Single or Double manual or automatic door systems
  • Suitable for vacuuming process
  • Process specific tray and basket design
  • High quality and energy efficient insulation
  • Optimum air circulation and homogenous heat distribution
  • Highest safety standards design, manufacturing and superior durability