Cushiongum Extruder

AKR 555 Cushiongum Extruder
AKR 550 Cushiongum Extruder and Tread Builder

Full Automatic Cushion Gum Application and Tread building

Akarmak offers to retreading companies cushiongum extruder machines to reduce their direct and indrect operation costs. The cushiongum is one of the most critical and costly material in the retreading process. Retreaders should mind using The cushiongum effectively to have lower retreaded tire failures and get more profit per tire. Having better performance and lower failure ratio, retreading companies will be more competitive in their markets by using Akarmak's cushiongum extuder machines.

Technical Features

  • Suitable for truck tire cushion gum building up to 445/65 R 22.5 size tires
  • Extrusion tire width range 140-450 mm ( 5,5”-17,7”)
  • Capacity: 3-5 min/tire ( including building)

Standard wingforms: 3 standard sets

  • Extruder Unit: Screw and barrel system
  • Building unit included
  • Temperature control unit
  • Top-quality hardware, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo systems

Hardware & Control Features

  • Touch panel
  • Remote Access to PLC via internet
  • Tire holding mechanism: Expandable hub and rim ( 20- 22.5 x 9” size included)
  • Linear move tire positioning
  • Supply voltage 380V 50 Hz
  • Manual and automatic use
  • Siemens control system
  • Heating and cooling control


  • Lower material and labor costs
  • Multiple operations covered in one machine
  • Improved productivity and efficient work flow
  • Compact design and easy maintenance

User Benefits

  • Cushion gum extrusion and tread building in the same work station
  • End of cement use
  • Standard size and economical cushion gum strip tread use
  • Labor savings in cushion gum application, filling and tread building (approx 15 minutes per tire)
  • Automatic cushion gum filling of 5 mm and less depth skives
  • Higher performance and low failure retreaded tire

Optional Features

  • Chiller Unit