Production and Laboratory type Composite Autoclaves for Composite Applications in Aerospace, Defence, Ballistic, Automotive and Sports Industries

The autoclaves are used for manufacturing of composite parts applying pressure, vacuum, heating and cooling processes in one cycle, preferred for providing homogenous heat transfer, the least resin voids resulting in parts with enhanced mechanical properties.

Akarmak offers turn-key composite autoclaves integrated with advanced control systems, vacuum systems as well as cooling, pressurization and loading systems to our customers in aerospace, defence, motorsports, medical and other industries around the world.

Akarmak autoclaves can be offered with CE, ASME, EAC (GOST) certifications. Our products are certified by well-known world certification agencies including TUV, Bureau Veritas, OneCIS, Lloyd, Hartford Steam Boilers.

  • Full compliance with Boeing, Airbus, NADCAP, AMS2750 autoclave standards
  • Standard sizes for laboratory and production
  • Standard sizes for laboratory and production
  • Design and manufacturing in 2014/68/EU (PED), ASME SEC VIII Div. 1 (U&S), EAC (GOST) standards
  • Up to 5 meter diameter and 20 meter in length
  • Advanced process control and high-end hardware/software features
  • Optimum air circulation and homogenous heat distribution
  • High quality and energy efficient insulation
  • Easy to maintain heating and cooling battery design
  • Highest safety standards and superior durability
  • Turn key solutions including: Cooling, Vacuum, Pressurizing (Air and Nitrogen), Loading Systems