AKR 240HCX CNC Buffer

Tire range 7,50 R 15” - 12,00 R 24”
Min. tire diameter 700 mm
Max. tire diameter 1,250 mm
Max tire width 500 mm
  • Expandable hub and rim system
  • CNC controlled buffing and automatic tire side brushing and manual arm feature
  • Siemens control system
  • Top quality hardware, pneumatic and servo systems
  • Sensitive computer controlled circumference and magnetic tire surface to wire measurement
  • Ready to use recipes and high quality buffed tire surface
  • Suitable for 445/65 R 22,5” and 495/45 R 22,5” tire sizes
  • Special tire loading basket
  • Suitable for radial and bias tires
  • Option: Manuel arm and automatic side brushing